Our firm's focus is strictly on family law. 

By limiting our practice to the needs of our family law clients, we are better prepared to meet the goals and challenges presented in these difficult cases.

Dissolution of marriage cases have never been financially easy decisions.

Divorce poses challenging economic issues for both spouses. Families today are faced with the obstacles from the significant downturn in the economy, possible loss of business or employment and, as a result, these uncertainties become even more daunting.

If you are seeking legal advice to assist you with these emotionally wrenching decisions, we would be pleased to provide you with the answers you need and deserve. We gladly accept the challenges of your family law matter, whether it's a modification, previous divorce matter, child support, alimony, or paternity issue. We are prepared to handle both contested and uncontested cases, depending on the needs of our client.

Most importantly, we are prepared to commit ourselves to your case and your needs.

Critical Partnerships

While our firm remains committed to providing services for the family law client, we have embraced critical partnerships which provide our clients with resources not otherwise available in small, family law firms. These partnerships provide not just greater understanding in the areas of finance and real estate to our clients, but provide our clients with the experts to work with them when the family law litigation has ended.

GOFUNDING Capital. A constant challenge for anyone who finds themselves in the middle of family law litigation is how can you afford to hire an attorney? The Law Offices of John C. Kenny has partnered exclusively with GOFUNDING capital which is perhaps the most versatile and robust costumer financing solution in the industry. Different than traditional lenders, the application for GOFUNDING capital is directly online, does not affect your credit and is funded directly to you, the client. Financing for fees from $3,000.00 to $30,000.00 at affordable rates specifically designed for individuals with damaged credit from reckless spouses or family litigation, this financing solution will provide you the funds you need to hire the Law Offices of John C. Kenny.  

Brett Thompson, Investment Management Consultant with Raymond James is one of the few Certified Divorce Specialists in the North Florida area. His expertise in how divorce impacts each client and his or her hope to save for college, invest for the future, save for retirement, manage the monthly budget or even plan for the next life event is invaluable to our clients. Mr. Thompson works closely with our office to assist clients during the litigation process, including providing analysis of a spouses need based upon historical expense for cases involving alimony. 

Steve Mattox with MK Capital Assets + Management is licensed broker, realtor and management specialist who assists our clients with an understanding of the local real estate market, whether as investment or moving into a new home. Following many family law cases, one or both spouses seek new accommodations. These may be temporary or permanent and may be a town home, apartment living, or a new home. Many clients are in need of divesting real estate holdings and desire to secure new investments or simply use the money to retire debt. Other clients need to find a new place to live or work. Mr. Mattox works with our clients to secure the desired result as each client starts a new life.