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From the complex family law case involving child support, alimony, and the distribution of businesses, to the emotional paternity or divorce case with child issues…

Success for our clients is accomplished by listening to their individual needs.

Family law is not just an emotional challenge, but an economic one as well. The stress of separation, pending litigation, and the unknown results from an action you have never undertaken makes a family law case one the most important events in your adult life, which will dramatically shape the future for both you and your family. Understandably securing success in your family law case means, more than ever, selecting the family law attorney who is right for you and your situation. An attorney who limits his or her practice to family law and understands the nuances of tax, property, financial implications, not to mention the parenting, psychology, and host of other issues which dramatically impact a family. Of course, success is also achieved by hiring an attorney who possesses the necessary experience to face challenges in and out of the court room. 


Every divorce has ripple effects


We are ready to handle your family law matter.

The Law Offices of John C. Kenny is committed to providing efficient service and effective communication. Our firm remains on the cutting edge of technology for the sole purpose to better serve and communicate with our clients. 

We strongly urge our clients to refrain from posting litigation updates or information which can be used against them on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or other social media outlets during the dissolution process. While technology will assist in more efficient communication, and thus a greater comfort level for the client, the face-to-face meeting remains critical to our representation. This is your opportunity to meet with your lawyer, to better understand his strategy and have input into your outcome. Collaborating with the client, not just advocating for the client, drives better results. 

Our firm has been serving Tallahassee for over 25 years.

While there have been opportunities to join other firms or even expand to other locations, we have made the decision it is far better to excel in one practice then be average in many.

Our priority is providing exceptional service when it matters most. Contact us and we will gladly give you the time your family law matter deserves.


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